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Reclaimed is a survival builder centred around positive, uplifting themes where you and up to 10 friends explore the towering heights and murky depths of a post-apocalyptic, solar-punk world.

Master navigating the land, sea, and sky in order to find the resources to a home on the derelict remains of civilizations past – and, eventually, your own community of NPC colonists.

But to really thrive you'll have to learn not just to weather the natural world, but embrace it by growing living homes and tools with their own host of unique perks and abilities.

The world within and the world beyond

Start by exploring your hub world – the overgrown remains of a flooded city, rife with treasures to uncover both above and below the waterline, and the perfect spot to build your first base.

But don't get too attached though – the world is frequently rocked by dramatic weather events such as lightning storms, tidal waves, and earthquakes that will make quick work of your settlement if you're unprepared.

In order to make something that can truly withstand the worst the world has to throw at you, you'll need to explore farther, dive deeper, and climb higher. Eventually you'll need to strike out beyond your comfort zone, undertaking expeditions to new biomes and sea caves filled with unique materials and opportunities

Activities are faster with a friend in tow; either to lend a hand, pump some life-giving air, or watch your back.

The journey is the destination

Reclaimed differs from traditional survival builders in that for most games, traversal is filler – a necessary element of the game the player engages in only to get from one point of interest to another. In Reclaimed, traversal is a central part of the experience.

Players will be able to craft and equip tools for traversal - swing between buildings, climbing sheer walls, submerging into the depths, skimming across the water or floating upon the breeze. Each method of traversal offers a new way to experience the world and a new challenge to master.

Green and mean

As your base grows, NPC nomads and settlers will make themselves available for recruitment. While you'll have to provide for their needs, colonists will have a unique set of skills that will help you better navigate and take control of your world.

As your opportunities for exploration expand, so too will the threats you face. You'll have to solve puzzles and work together with your friends to unlock the mysteries of the world and reach rare resources.

Everywhere around you are the mistakes of the past. Will you be washed away like so many before, or will you adapt, overcome, and reclaim the world?

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